Beck Mordini
1 min readAug 6, 2022


And that is the one and only cause of climate disaster- our collective willingness to give up everything for the Profit Game.

Even sadder, for most of us, our role in that Game is as a resource to make someone else rich.

It is a mass hysteria where we beleive in the Game, more than we belive our own experience of reality.

All of this was completely avoidable.

1987 -George Bush Sr said he would stop global warming ... but was immediately co-opted in the first few months of his presidency. Climate denial became a winning strategy in the Game.

If Bush had followed up his campaign promise, and the Climate Deniers were shut down ...

Imagine a carbon tax 30 years ago ...

Oil companies converting to offshore wind- 30 years ago

Industrial ag converted to carbon sucking Regen Ag- 30 years ago

Imagine every homogenous suburb and big box montsrosity built in the last 30 years having been a walkable, multi use community.

30 years ago we had time, but now time has run out.

Climate disruption has begun.

And we are still trying to stop it without changing the Profit Game.



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