Beck Mordini
2 min readSep 1, 2022


So interesting that you assume people act with care and respect for the environment merely to show their moral superiority, not because they actually care for and respect the environment. As if valuing nature was un-natural.

There are two reasons we missed the chance to stop climate change.

1) Fake democracy. According to a recent Princeton study, the will of the people has almost zero influence on legislation, compared to the will of Billionaires.

2) Corporate structure and a hijacked judiciary that enshrined the idea that shareholders could be sued for putting people and planet over profits. Absurd.

Running a close tie to the above, I would like to personally thank/blame Sen John Sununu who gave the green light to the Climate Denial scam that created public supporf for the oil industry agenda -to remain in control of the entire global economy until the last drop of oil is gone.

Don't sit on your hands waiting for "the end".

Politics matter more than ever right now.

Vote for campaign finance reform so that democracy can have a chance to work.

Vote for Democrats- love em or hate em, they are the only party with any climate policy at all.

Do not get side-tracked by red herrings like inflation. Today's inflation is just a polite word for price hikes that are boosting profits out of this world. You think this is bad, wait until climate change creates real shortages, then you will see inflation.

Should you grow your own food? Install solar panels? Get to know your neighbors so you can help each other in extreme weather events?

Yes, not because you are morally superior to those who don't, but because it will give you peace of mind. It will make you more prepared for whatever comes, whenever it comes.

Besides, its a nice way to live, now.



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