Beck Mordini
1 min readMar 25, 2022


The "branding" of the climate crisis has been abysmal. Most likely because scientists don't pay for branding, while oil companies and the politicians they support do.

We are facing climate disruption (not neutral change).

Every planetary cycle is out of whack.

Global heating, not gentle warming.

But the language of meteorologists is not sufficient. Even the term climate disaster, collapse, crisis- they are meaningless to a world population unconnected to weather. We are no longer farmers who understand the link between food and weather.

People cannot grasp the significance of a 3-5 degree change in weather. It is less than the difference between putting on a sweater or not.

The distinction that climate is long term weather- useless.

I suggest a medical analogy.

Weather is your skin temperature, the external temperature.

Climate is your internal temperature, your operating temperature.

When your internal temperature rises by 3 degrees- you have a fever. It is a signal that something is wrong. If it keeps rising, systems will start to break down. You don't wait until your fever is so high that you are in danger of death. As soon as you notice it, you get treatment.

Our actions are creating a fever in our planetary systems. They are starting to break down. We are part of this planetary system and we need to stop making it sick.



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